Set the Strategic Change in Motion

From small changes, great things can happen. Learn how to set the ripple effect in motion that turns your legal department into the strategic advantage you need it to be with our resources below.

Become a Legal
Centre of Excellence

Centres of excellence are a common phenomenon in the world of business — a high performing team that provides expertise, leadership, best practices, and support for a focus area. In our latest guide, We reveal the six cornerstones that will help your legal department apply the learnings from global business to create an efficient, cost-effective, and strategic department of excellence capable of exceeding targets.


A Guide to Edisclosure
for Corporate Teams

Nothing ever stands still — the world will continue to develop and innovate. At the risk of losing business because of operational inefficiency — systems built for a different age, or legacy solutions built before the rise of hybrid working — general counsel and legal departments must work collaboratively with their wider business to secure technological solutions that work as fast as they need, without interruption, wherever they need. Read how in our guide.


Vision. Knowledge. Empowerment.

Tap into the insights and expertise of our huge team of developers and innovators, and customers who have successfully changed the game with DISCO. Don’t forget to reach out to us to discuss how we can help.

Legal Ops
That Excel

Transform legal department performance with technologies that put you firmly in control.


Discover the technologies transforming this essential, time-consuming activity – and their business impacts.


You want technology to be simple. You want it to work the way you work. And you want to speed time to evidence and reduce cost. Explore exactly how our AI-powered, lawyer-intuitive edisclosure, document review, and legal hold solutions work, and how they can accelerate operational excellence in your department.