Women in eDiscovery - Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting

Palo Alto, CA
Networking Event

Drones and Discovery - The New Frontier

Drones have transformed from being primarily a hobbyist toy to rapid implementation for commercial use for the military, the agricultural sector, and usage in unsafe situations such as hazardous fires that threaten life, property and the environment. Drones will also be used for delivery of goods and services, and IBM has even filed a patent on the usage of drones for coffee delivery. Steve Watson from VTO Labs is one of the leading companies that research data extraction from drones for government and the commercial sector. Steve will cover what you can anticipate finding in drone discovery as well as the current state of drones for commercial use due to component failure, battery life, distance restrictions and other factors. He will cover case examples of where discovery of drones has been essential and explore this new frontier through the eyes of a thought leader.

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