Why We Don't Have Nice (Legal Tech) Things


There are always more stories to tell about the annual ILTACON show after it ends. Join DISCO and Above the Law at 1 p.m. Eastern on Sept. 7 for this live webinar where you’ll hear from an expert panel that was in the thick of ILTACON 2022.  

While this year’s  conference was focused on innovation in the legal industry, much of the discourse among the attendees concerned the various “disconnects” haunting the legal tech landscape.
Whether it’s gaps in understanding between generations of lawyers, or lack of a shared language between vendors and their customers, our expert panel will analyze the myriad challenges in bridging law’s fundamental technology divide.  Among the specific issues to be explored include:

  • Generational differences
  • Firms vs. Legal Departments
  • IT departments  vs. Lawyers

We’ll also recap this year’s key takeaways and answer your questions about what the latest in legal tech could mean for your firm. Register today!

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