UNLV Legal Tech's Transformation of the Practice of Law Forum

Las Vegas, NV

About this Event

Technology is transforming what it means to be a lawyer. It has touched nearly every aspect of the practice. But with that transformation comes a lot of hype. Every firm and service provider seems to boast some sort of revolutionary tech tool for lawyers and others in the legal field.

This panel is an attempt to cut through that hype and answer the questions: How is technology actually changing the day-to-day practice for most lawyers today? How can we expect the nuts and bolts to change in the near future? And what technology skills and tools should we be investing our time in?

Our panelists represent diverse views on this topic from several angles. We will be welcoming legal tech thought leaders from international law firms, a CEO of a legal tech company, an innovation expert from one of the biggest e-discovery companies in the world, and a judge interested in the court's perspective on legal tech.

This event is free and open to anyone interested in learning more about legal tech or how technology and innovation can help you be a better lawyer.

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