Mass Tort Made Perfect

Las Vegas, NV

Mass Tort Made Perfect, LLC (MTMP) conferences are limited to attendees engaged primarily in Civil Plaintiff representation or Criminal Defense representation. It is strictly forbidden for an individual to attend the conference if the individual or any law firm member is associated with or working in any way connected to the defense of any case or case type that may be covered in the conference. The ONLY exception in which a Defense Attorney is allowed to attend will be for the Judicial Panel session and solely for that one session. Registrants must also confirm that they do not work with or on behalf of any company that seeks reimbursement from plaintiff settlement proceeds for medical, secondary payer, or subrogation liens of any type.

MTMP reserves the right to return any deposited fees, decline any application for attendance, refuse entrance, and decline admission to any and all attendees and applicants at any time.

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