7th Annual University of Florida Law E-Discovery Conference

Gainsville, FL

The University of Florida E-Discovery Conference moves into its 7th electrifying year. Our focus this year is effectively managing discovery from the opposition. The opposition often holds the keys to the case. How can you make sure you get the documents you are entitled to? How can you assure that the opposition is doing the best job identifying, collecting, searching and producing requested documents.

This year’s conference begins with remarks from Dean Laura Rosenbury followed by a fireside chat with E.J. Bastien, Director of Discovery Programs and Atanu Banerjee, Group Program Manager, both from Microsoft’s e-Discovery team.

Returning this year will be a number of our regular superstars and your favorites, including Craig Ball, George Socha, Aaron Crews, Scott Milner, Kelly Twigger, Tessa Jacobs, David Horrigan, Canaan Himmelbaum, Suzanne Clark, Mike Dalewitz, Mike Quartararo, and Ian Campbell. We are also excited to have a host of other national experts who will show us how to get our hands into the really important ESI for our case whether in the cloud, on mobile devices, or on social media.

Our featured judicial panel of distinguished federal and state judges – U.S. Magistrate Judges William Matthewman, Mac McCoy, Patricia Barksdale, and Gary Jones – and retired Florida Circuit Court Judge Ralph Artigliere — returns as well and will share their observations with regards to e-Discovery in their courtrooms and provide us their views and suggestions on what they would like to see in the courtroom.

The E-Discovery Conference is part of the University of Florida’s commitment to educating students on legal technology and continuing to provide alumni and the legal community affordable continuing legal education.

We invite you to join us live in Gainesville, Florida on March 21st or via livestream.

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