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Just as a firefighter needs the right tool to save a burning house, the modern legal team needs the right ediscovery platform to win cases.

DISCO is fast and accurate, easy to use, and designed to give you total control over your ediscovery data, workflows, and costs.

"It's really terrific to be able to use one tool to get everything done I need to do from ingestion to production."

Kyre Stucklin, Practice Support Manager
Rutan & Tucker | DISCO Quote
DISCO easy to use ediscovery tool
DISCO's fast and accurate search tool illustration

Case Builder

Ballerinas can’t leap gracefully while wearing flippers, just like the modern lawyer can’t rely on sticky notes and binders for depositions.

Collaborate with your case team to review deposition transcripts, synched video, and exhibits together in a single, searchable place.

"Case Builder has been invaluable for our cases helping to remove manual and paper-based processes, organize depositions and video assets, and streamline collaboration."

Kate Charonko, Partner
Bailey & Glasser | DISCO Quote

DISCO Review

A skydiver needs a parachute to avoid disaster, just as the modern legal team needs the right people, process, and technology for quality reviews.

Combining DISCO Ediscovery, DISCO AI, and deep expertise, our managed review team consistently delivers reviews that are on time and on budget. But don't take our word for it — we'll put it in your contract.

"The managed review guarantee means I can give my clients managed review pricing and deadlines with absolute certainty of the time.”

Jason Tokoro, Partner
Miller Barondess | DISCO Quote
DISCO easy to use ediscovery tool
DISCO's fast and accurate search tool illustration

Professional Services

Hammering a nail is much easier when you don’t use a shoe, just as knowledgeable partners help modern legal teams solve issues quickly by using the right technology.

Whether your team needs full managed services or ad-hoc assistance, our dedicated staff of ediscovery professionals can assist with routine matter management, implementing best practices, creating AI workflows that deliver extraordinary outcomes, and everything in between.

“DISCO is a best-in-class discovery platform and their team of professionals are true partners in helping us leverage technology to simplify the discovery process and remain focused on our client work.”

Patrick Murphy, Partner
Norris Mclaughlin & Marcus P.A. | DISCO Quote

Curious to find out how DISCO works for your organization?

Speed up review times, improve accuracy with advanced AI, and secure your data while lowering costs with transparent predictable pricing.

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