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Due to the unprecedented weather event in Texas, responses may be delayed.

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The DISCO Intelligence Portal

From the latest legal learnings to best-practice guides, the DISCO Intelligence Portal equips you with all you need to take more informed actions and level up your legal practices.

DISCO combines powerful technology and intuitive AI in a platform that replaces distractions with actions to deliver superior speeds. Browse our curated insights below to progress your legaltech journey or give DISCO a try today.

Want to equip yourself with the essential insights you need to prepare for tomorrow’s legal landscape? DISCO has you covered. Learn how to navigate the ever-changing face of legal with our latest technology guide.

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Feeling like there are too many data sources and not enough time? This guide covers key considerations and best practices for modern data types, including a sample custodial questionnaire, so you can optimize discovery in the new landscape of data.

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Take your deposition review out of the era of binders and into the era of technology. Read on to learn how to modernize your case strategy development process through increased collaboration, strategic use of deposition video, systemized witness assessment, and more.

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Did you know DISCO was born from the common frustrations all lawyers experience? If not, here’s your chance to learn about our origins and discover how we help firms find fast resolutions to their biggest legal challenges.

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Separate the leaders from the losers with this checklist guide to choosing a managed review provider. Discover the 12 key factors that separate the best from the rest and make sourcing a review partner simple.

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Want to know why law firms love our quality control? Check out our revolutionary approach to quality control in this concise guide and find out the three ways DISCO sets the standard for quality.

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Why law firms choose DISCO

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5-star rating

“My favorite part of DISCO is the user-friendly interface. No degree in "DISCO" is required to use it. If you can navigate on the internet, you can use DISCO without extensive training. I have used many different platforms including Summation, Concordance, Case Data, CaseLogistics, and Relativity. In my opinion, the DISCO experience exceeds them all.”

Monica Quay, Paralegal, Clark Hill LLP

5-star rating

“Cost-effectiveness has made us return to DISCO again and again. Outstanding functionality has greatly improved litigation success. Superior data analytics have increased productivity.”

Larry Mason, Partner, Goldberg Segalla LLP

5-star rating

"We have saved our clients money given the unlimited licenses and no fees to process or produce a date. Using the AI function, we have been able to handle large document reviews with less staff than anticipated."

Adam Schwartz, Partner, Homer Bonner Jacobs

Ready to find out what DISCO can do for you?

If you’re ready to embrace a new era of legal technology that speeds up review times, improves accuracy with AI, and secures your data while lowering costs, talk to DISCO today.

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