When there’s no room for error,
there’s DISCO

Let’s get straight to the point: For your high-profile, complex cases, you need an ediscovery platform that’s fast, secure, and cost-effective — with services to match. That’s DISCO.

We may have some fun in our advertising, but when it’s time to get serious — from a 24 TB, 120-user case to a major pharmaceutical dispute ripped from the headlines — our clients trust DISCO to deliver.

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Best practices for high-stakes cases

Big data can cause big challenges, and in high-profile cases there is little margin for error. Ensure you are taking advantage of the best technology to uncover key evidence quickly. DISCO AI helps you quickly triangulate and prioritize data, even if your case has atypical data like Slack or text messages.

Tips for managing high-stakes cases

Airtight security for high-profile matters

Great care must be taken in safeguarding high profile data to mitigate any risk. To match the increased demands of high-stakes cases, DISCO employs the industry-leading protocols of Amazon Web Services coupled with third-party certifications, access control, and dedicated in-house security experts to keep your data safe.

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No more death by a thousand line items

Complex matters often have the double-edged sword of high stakes and high cost over extended periods of time. Transparent and predictable pricing, without death by 1,000 line items, helps case teams anticipate ediscovery cost and strategize on the settlement posture. Some clients have seen $400K in savings as a result of DISCO’s innovative pricing for large data volumes and expansive timelines — without sacrificing the predictability.

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Professional services matter more on big cases

Because the stakes are so high, it is important that legal practitioners know when to engage outside resources to optimize outcomes. What may work well for straightforward cases may not adequately support the amount of customizations, management, and scale that these unique cases demand. From advanced forensics expertise and robust 24/7 project management to AI-enabled managed review the right team is pivotal to obtaining favorable outcomes.

Stacking the deck with services

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