Transform ediscovery with intelligent and adaptable tech

Don’t get lost in a sea of vendors — here’s what every lawyer should know about great ediscovery solutions.

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Technology can transform the practice of ediscovery — everything from reducing cost, speeding up time-to-evidence, and improving outcomes — but in an ocean of terminology, glossy sales pitches, and computer science, how do you cut through the noise to get to the tech that can do it all?

In our easy-to-navigate guide we break down some of the defining characteristics of great ediscovery solutions, including:

  • Search-visualization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Tag suggestions
  • Cross-matter intelligence
  • Defensibility

From a description of ‘what it does’, to an explanation of why it matters, this quick-read guide will make the difference when prospecting an ediscovery solution that fulfills its promise.  

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