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Providing powerful, easy-to-use technology and a full suite of services, DISCO helps legal professionals achieve better outcomes. From Am Law firms to corporate legal teams, a few thousand documents to terabytes of data, DISCO scales to meet your needs. 

So, what does DISCO offer?

DISCO Ediscovery: Intuitive discovery platform with blazing fast speeds from cloud-native architecture, cutting-edge AI, and lawyer-approved features. 

DISCO Case Builder: A centralized, cloud-based deposition management and review platform to search, review, organize, and prepare deposition testimony and case materials. 

DISCO Review: Managed review that is 60% faster than industry averages, available with an on-time, on-budget guarantee.

DISCO Professional Services: Our dedicated staff of ediscovery professionals can assist with implementing best practices, creating AI workflows, and everything in between.