Modernize your deposition management

DISCO Case Builder simplifies deposition preparation, review, and so much more

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Tired of keeping track of binders and sticky notes? Wishing you could do more with deposition PDFs and videos?

DISCO Case Builder helps case teams ditch the deposition binders by offering a cloud-based deposition management and review platform to search, review, organize, and prepare deposition testimony and case materials in one place. You’ll be able to create better narratives, improve witness selection, automate repetitive tasks (automatically Bluebook-formatted citations, anyone?), and focus on maximum-value work. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Case Builder:

  • Fast, powerful search across depositions
  • Transcripts automatically synchronized to videos
  • Deposition review alongside synced videos, exhibits, team notes, and more
  • Collaboration with your case team in the same copy of a deposition
  • Comprehensive witness profiles and searchable repository for future cases
  • Prepare for motions or trial faster and for a lower cost with exports of issue summaries, highlights, designations, videos, and more