Critical Questions to Ask Outside Counsel About Discovery

How to find tech-savvy counsel for an efficient, cost-effective discovery

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How your outside counsel approaches discovery is vital to keeping costs reasonable and setting your case up for success. This guide will help you dig deeper into the discovery proceedings to set up a process that works for your firm, follows best practices, and ensures you aren’t getting overcharged. 

From examining who is doing what on your discovery team to understanding if counsel is using technology to optimize review, this guide will help you get a complete picture of your ediscovery. The guide covers how each aspect of discovery affects your overall review, and provides several questions to ask outside counsel, including:

  • Identifying the ediscovery team
  • Investigating the firm’s discovery process 
  • Specifying how the firm will work with your organization
  • Determining what legal technology the firm uses
  • Establishing how the firm uses AI to gain efficiencies in ediscovery
  • Interrogating how the firm ensures that discovery is cost-effective