DISCO recognized as an IDC Early Case Assessment (ECA) Leader

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DISCO was recognized as a Leader in the 2022 IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Ediscovery Early Case Assessment Software (September 2022, IDC # US48970222). 

DISCO Ediscovery ECA is a new approach to the cumbersome, multi-tool process most legal teams have used to cull data after a collection and determine which documents to promote for review. Instead, DISCO Ediscovery allows you to use one database for the entire lifecycle of your matter.

  • Seamlessly ingest data into your ECA space, promote documents for active review, and produce out of the same database — no need to waste time transferring documents between databases or pay for multiple copies of the same data.
  • Analyze your ECA documents using a full suite of intuitive tools, including search visualization, search filters, and topic clustering.
  • Leverage AI to speed up ECA — enable AI tag predictions and easily promote documents most likely to be relevant based on your legal team’s tagging in the active review data space.
  • View fully enriched documents with the context you need, including full text view, deduplication, near-native creation, text extraction, similar document calculation, most inclusive email identification, and conversation threading.

Download the 2022 IDC MarketScape featuring DISCO Ediscovery to learn more about why we are considered an ECA Leader.