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We’re delighted to help you evaluate DISCO Case Builder for your organization. To help you make a winning case for the platform to your stakeholders and clients, we have curated the following resources just for you.

DISCO Case Builder
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"DISCO Case Builder has been invaluable for our cases. It helps us remove manual, paper-based processes, organize depositions and video assets, and streamline collaboration. DISCO has created an intuitive solution that empowers our legal team to work faster and smarter to help our clients win.”

Kate Charonko, Partner of Bailey and Glasser LLP
Kate Charonko, Partner
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“I love it. If you’re looking for software that allows you to search, review, and organize all your testimony and case materials in the same place and then quickly pull excerpts out for motions or trial presentations, this is it. There isn’t any better software that I’ve seen.”

Jonathan Negretti
Jonathan Negretti, Principal
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"The DISCO team was responsive, helpful, and patient. We enjoyed getting to share the Ediscovery and Case Builder technologies with our colleagues – it was great to show off what DISCO empowers us to do. We were all very impressed with the platform and with the support we received."

Jonathan Negretti
Sallie Woodell, Paralegal
“I think it’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this.”
— Senior Partner and fellow Case Builder user

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